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advertise_for_free Hay Affiliates! Want to make loads of cash with products that sell themselves?
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15 January 2018

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Job Time: Full-Time    
  Ad Reference: FM97393
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Sell Health actively helps their affiliates to earn more money from their efforts. This is a stable, reliable and honest company and working with them as an affiliate is indeed rewarding. I have been an affiliate of Sell Health (formerly Leading-Edge Cash) for over two years now and it is the best affiliate program I've ever been in. I highly recommend Sell Health to anyone interested in affiliate marketing. After 5 years with LEC I can't fault them. Their checks come like clockwork and they always respond quickly to any enquiries. They are a professional outfit. On-Time Payments Every Time! With thousands of affiliates receiving commission payments every month, we strive to ensure your commissions are paid on time every time using the payment method of your choice. Payment options include: ACH Automatic Clearing House, Wire Transfer, PayPal. And paxum pay with ease. The choice is yours! How Much Can YOU Earn? At Sell Health we pay top commissions on all our products starting at 30% all the way up to 50% or more. That means if you send us a new customer we will always make sure you are fairly compensated. And pay close attention because we are constantly adding lucrative new incentives to reward our top performers! Further to that, if you refer new affiliates to Sell Health we will automatically pay you 5% commission on every sale they earn! In fact, we have affiliates that initially worked hard to recruit other successful affiliates to Sell Health and are now earning thousands of dollars every month without lifting a finger. How Do We Track Sales? With over 7+ years in the affiliate business we have developed one of the most robust, reliable affiliate tracking systems in the industry. No matter how you send us sales we make sure that you get credit, and more importantly, the commission! And unlike many affiliate programs, our technology is even setup to track and record all FAX orders, PHONE orders and MAIL orders. Bottom line is, you will always get paid for the sales you send to Sell Health. Get on Board Today!