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  How to Post a Free Ad

To place a Free Ad, click on the 'Post an Ad' or 'Post an Advert' button at the top of our web pages. This takes you to the Regions/Countries Page where you must select your region or country. The next page displays a list of our ad categories. Select the ad category which best fits your intended ad by clicking on the respective button. This takes you to an Ad Form which you must complete, ensuring that you fill all required fields.

The 'Ad Type' fields of our forms are set to 'Free Advert' so you do not need to change this if you are placing a Free Ad. You must provide a valid email address and a working telephone number so interested users can contact you. You may attach images to enhance your ad, but this is optional. You will have to provide a password for your free ad. You will need this password to manage your Ads in the future. We strongly recommend that all users read our Safety Information when using our services. You must read and accept our Terms and Conditions before you hit the submit button to place your Ad.

Help with Verification Code

The Verification Code included on our Ad Forms is to prevent robots posting spam ads on our site. If the characters displayed are not clear enough, click on the red 'Not Readable? Change Text' link and a new set of characters will show up. You can repeat this till you get a clearer set of characters.
  Manage Your Free Ads

You can edit, repost or delete your classified ads by loging in to your account with your email address and your ad password. Click on the 'My Account' button at the top and log in to view and manage your ads. You may amend your ad details and upload new pictures.

Ads re-posted will go live instantly. Deletions also take instant effect. Take note that any adverts you delete will be deleted permanently; be sure you want to do it before hiting the submit button. Remember to log out of your account to avoid your ads being tempered with by other users of your computer.

You may upload new images when editing your Ad. Please note, you can attach only jpg,jpeg,gif or npg format images only. Any other format will be rejected.

Featured Ads

We have a 'Featured Ad' type which sticks your ad to the top of its category listing and are displayed also on our global and regional homepages in the 'Latest Ads' listing, throughout the slot period. They are automatically reposted daily during the period. You can buy featured ad slots when posting your ad by selecting 'Featured Ad' in the AD TYPE field on the ad form. You can also convert your existing free ads to Featured Ads by loging into your account (click on 'MY ACCOUNT' on the top blue bar) to edit your ad details and change the Ad Type from 'Free Ad' to 'Featured Ad'. A featured ad slot box will appear at the bottom of the form so you can select the Featured Ad slot period you want to buy. Ads go live instantly after completing our secure payment payment process.

Banner Ad Spaces

The Leaderboard, Banner and Skyscraper ad spaces on our website (currently displaying google ad) are available for purchase. However, interested advertisers will have to design their own ad units and forward the code to us. We may do only a simple free ad design for advertisers who would not provide their own design, if they forward their ad content and logo/image to us. Interested advertisers should please visit our Commercials Page to place their order or drop us an email to