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Login Issues

If you're still having Login issues, Please follow the steps below to fix it.

(1) Log in to your account using the following details:

- PASSWORD: Enter your password.

(2) After you have Logged in, please click on the grey button labelled 'UPDATE YOUR ACCOUNT DETAILS' near the top right corner to update your current email. When the form opens, enter your current email id in the Email box which will be showing the number '1' inside. Replace the number '1' with your current email.

(3) That's problem solved. The next time you log in, use the current Email Id you just updated and your password.

Do let us know if you still have issues.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Many thanks.

Fmclassifieds Team.

Account Verification Email Not Received

Most of our verification Emails arrive within seconds so new users can crack on to verify their account straightaway. However, on a few ocassions, there may be a delay for a couple of minutes. A bit of patience will be necessary in such situations, but the emails will eventually arrive. The delay may be due to several factors beyond our control. We apologise in advance for any such delays.

Ad Viewings

To know your ad viewings, just Login to your account and check the Q-Index score of the ad. The score gives you an idea of the number of viewings your ad is getting.


The Q-Index score of an ad indicates number of viewings the ad is getting. Every time a visitor views your ad, the Index will go up by 1. A higher score thus means the ad is popular, and vice versa.

How to Edit, Delete or Re-Post your Ads

You can edit, repost or delete your ads by firstly loging in to your account using your email address and password. Then, to Edit or make changes to your ads, just click the EDIT button on the right-hand column of the ad you want to edit. You can upload new images or keep your existing images. Please note: you can upload 3 images for free ads and 8 images for Featured Ads. When you're done with your changes, just hit the submit button and your revised ad will go live instantly.

If you just want to re-post your ads to bring them to top positions, just hit the Re-Post button. To delete your ads, hit the DELETE button. Ad re-posts and deletions will take effect instantly. Take note that any ads you delete will be deleted permanently, so be sure before hiting the submit button.

How to Post a Free Ad

To place a Free Ad, you must first register for an Account on our platform by clicking the 'Register Free' button. Once you verify your account, you can Login to your account and select the 'Post a Free Ad' button to post free ads.

How to Post a Featured Ad

We have a 'Featured Ad' type which sticks your ad to the top of its category listing and are displayed also on our global and regional homepages in the 'Latest Ads' listing, throughout the slot period. They also enjoy automatic daily re-posts during the slot period. You can post a featured ad by logging in to your Account and clicking the 'Post a Featured Ad' button.

How to Change or Upload New Images

To upload new images to your ad, just Login to your account and click the EDIT button. Near the bottom of the page, select the option UPLOAD NEW PICTURES. Complete the rest of the edit form and hit the SUBMIT button. You can also convert your existing free ads to Featured Ads by loging into your account and clicking the 'Make this a Featured Ad' or 'Make this a Multi Ad' or 'Make this a Global Ad' as you wish. Click 'Continue' to procedd and select the ad period you want on the next page. You will then be taken to our secure payment page where you can pay for your ad time via Paypal or Credit Card. To pay by Credit/Debit Card just click on the 'Pay by Debit or Credit Card' link near the bottom of the PayPal payment page. The ads will go live instantly after completing the secure payment process.

Banner Ad Spaces

The Leaderboard, Banner and Skyscraper ad spaces on our website (currently displaying google ad) are available for purchase. However, interested advertisers will have to design their own ad units and forward the code to us. We may do only a simple free ad design for advertisers who would not provide their own design, if they forward their ad content and logo/image to us. Interested advertisers should please visit our Commercials Page to place their order or drop us an email to