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Posted on :  
2 February 2019

Safety Tips

(1) Deal locally,

(2) Deploy all precaution, wisdom and common sense,

(3) Look out for stolen items and scammers,

(4) Investigate job offers before applying,

(5) Always, do not go alone.

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Kudo Ryu Bujutsu martial arts school is offering free trial starting this month of February, 2019 on our Online martial arts school. Training includes armed and unarmed combat training for modern self-defense situations. Both combative and competitive training is included, but main focus on self-defense and survival. You can contact me at, or call me at (705) 808-1607. For even more information, please see our Website at

Richard T. Deyell
Rokudan (六段) 6th Degree Black Belt (Red & White Panel Belt)
Jiu-Jitsu (柔術);
Kaiso [Founder] (開祖),
Kudo Ryu Bujutsu/Jiujitsu (空道流武術 / 空道流柔術)
The "Way of Voidness/Emptiness School of Martial Arts / Adaptable Martial Art"