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advertise_for_free Successful retina stem cell graft treatment for Macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa and partial blindness in Moscow Russia
  Moscow Russia
Posted on :  
1 March 2019

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Dr. Soloman
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Price: 12000    
  Ad Reference: FM12638420
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Stem cell retinal graft improve macular degeneration and partial blindness in Russia. A new invention that revolutionized treatment of MACULAR DEGENERATION and PARTIAL BLINDNESS treatment, its simply formed of intensive condensation of the cells obtained from bone marrow of the patient, transformed into minute ship to be introduced by using tri-dimentional technology very safely into behind the retina containing thousands of millions of stem cells specialized in repairing retinal tissues and probably optic nerve damaged fibers for whatever reason. Many patients treated successfully in Russia, and now can read, watch TV and drive their cars living a happy life.

Our innovative technology:

Through the formation of retinal tissue chips specialized in repairing the retina and optic nerve (similar to the lenses of the eye), but very small extracted from the stem cells of the same patient after being treated with the latest technology for condensifying the cells to contain thousands of millions of stem cells. These ships are then implanted in the tissues surrounding eye to settle behind the retina using tri-dimensional technology to work on repairing retinal tissue and optic nerve And continue working for many years
The centers that treated retinal diseases by injecting the stem cells behind the retina in a liquid form will be washed away by blood circulation to be diluted and spread all over the body and is not concentrated enough behind the retina and did not achieve the desired oral effect
This is a great advantage in the use of technology to form a coherent chip of stem cells and after implantation behind the retina to settle in place and is providing the retina with the repairative cells continuously and intensively for many years and this is the secret of the success of this method of treatment
For further details contact us at: whatsapp: 0074952839596. E-mail:

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