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advertise_for_free Buy Bright A19 LED Light Bulbs to Lighten Up The Space
Posted on :  
18 March 2019

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If you are ones who want to have an elegant and graceful house and want to make the interiors look more attractive, then you can buy LED light bulbs that can fit even in the low ceiling as well. Out of many LED bulbs, you can use A19 LED bulbs to easily replace the standard incandescent and light bulbs in your homes and in hotels as well.

Other Benefits Of Using These A19 LED Bulbs Are As Follows

The lumen output of the A19 LED bulbs is 800 lumens that too by consuming just 9.8w of electricity, you can replace these bulbs with the 60w of the normal bulb to save Energy by at least 80%

You can use these dimmable LED bulbs and can adjust the brightness according to your mood; users will also get 5 years of warranty from the manufacturers end on buying these bulbs from

Use them for up to 15000 hours and that too in an environmentally friendly way with no harmful substances such as Mercury and lead inside them.

The base Type of these A19 LED bulbs is E26 Aluminum base which is rust and corrosion free you can use them anywhere and everywhere, also the color temperature is 6500K which produces Cool White glow making the ambiance more pleasant.

So its the time to replace those existing MH or halogen bulbs with these A19 LED bulbs that dont warm-up and cool down time as well in extreme contrast with the traditional bulbs and hence come with the higher operational efficiency.