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advertise_for_free The Dreamy Bears

Posted on :  
5 June 2019

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Local Author from Farnworth, Bolton becomes childrens book author.

The Dreamy Bears.

The book is aimed at children aged 2 to 6
Available at book stores and online: Waterstones, WHSmith, Amazon, Austin Macauley

Timmys life is about to change, his dreams will never be the same again.Moonlight, Sleepy, Star and Daisy are four bears who take Timmy to their planet far away, called DreamyLand. This is where children go in their dreams to have different exciting adventures.Everything on DreamyLand is colourful and sweet. The leaves on the trees are edible and taste like strawberry candy.The stream from the dream wishing fountain runs down to the town and is the deepest blue. When Timmy falls asleep, he meets the bears in his dreams; they take him to DreamyLand on their cloud carriage. When Timmy arrives on DreamyLand, he meets lots of other bears and children who are having fun on all the unusual rides. Timmy has so much fun, he doesnt want it to end. Timmy wakes up from his sleep safely in his bed, excited for the next time he goes to sleep.What adventures will Timmy go on next with Moonlight, Sleepy, Star and Daisy? Who knows? To be continued