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advertise_for_free BLVCKS - mixing trademark elements of brands into something unique and fresh
Posted on :  
2 October 2019

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  Ad Reference: FM12689696

It is a known fact that the main strategy that a brand employs in order to stay relevant is the collaboration with other famous brands. This way, the fans on both sides unite and the anticipatory excitement is doubled before and after the collaboration is launched. Also, a collaboration means mixing trademark elements of both brands into something unique and fresh. Take for example the champion supreme parka. A mix of sportswear and skatewear elements that any streetwear fan would be absolutely thrilled to wear. Another interesting collaboration is the anti social social club bape one. The signature Bape camo pattern and other trademark elements such as the Shark and Tiger are greatly complemented by the Anti Social Social Clubs signature wavy font logo. A Bathing Ape certainly never fails to impress fans with its collaboration choices. The Alien x BAPE collection features absolutely mindblowing designs. Take for example a bape x alien tee featuring BAPEs Ape Head logo with a Xenomorph superimposed - an outstandingly fresh and unforgettable combination.

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