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advertise_for_free Hybrid Austree 6'-10' growth/year
Posted on :  
21 March 2020

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  Ad Reference: FM12718458
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Spring is an excellent time to plant the Austree
Early orders are being filled NOW due to a warm winter.
We have plenty of stock for an EARLY SPRING planting in hot summer states.
Order NOW at
Austrees provide a "Go Green" fence, rapid firewood, privacy hedges,
windbreaks, snow fences, shade, and habitat for wildlife. Since there
have been so many fires and floods, consider planting the austree to
Order NOW at
quickly heal burned landscapes, reinforce hillsides and river banks, and
prevent erosion. They can be used to help with quick reforestation and
Order NOW at
wildlife recovery. Customers tell us that they use the Austrees as an
odor suppression tool for pig farms, poultry farms and cattle feedlots.
Austrees are beautiful and fast growing. Austrees have no suckers, no
runners and no seeds! Great prices. Healthy stock.
ORDER NOW! Receive your cuttings in two weeks.
Order NOW at

Order NOW at

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