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advertise_for_free US Shipping 50KG
  Gardena, CA 90248
Posted on :  22 July 2022

  Safety Tips

(1) Deal locally,
(2) Deploy all precaution, wisdom and common sense,
(3) Look out for stolen items and scammers,
(4) Investigate job offers before applying,
(5) Always, do not go alone.

Advertiser: 魉赧
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  Ad Reference: FM12798556
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1&#65292;Fast delivery from UPS and FedEx warehouses in the U.S. means you can receive your shipments within a week without having to wait a long time. There is no sensitive word on the packaging and no one knows what is inside. Your privacy will be fully protected.
2&#65292;The sex doll is made of medical TPE material which feels like real skin. She has perfect body curves, a slim waist, seductive buttocks, and petal-like labia. You can enjoy this charming feeling by having sex with her in various positions.
3&#65292;The body of the sex doll is made with a sturdy 304 stainless steel skeleton, which makes it durable and flexible enough to easily assume the pose of a real woman. This allows you to try various poses.
4&#65292;Sex dolls consist of two different orifices, vagina and anus. The interior of each tunnel is lined with textured nodules and spirals for added friction and irritation. You can choose whatever you like.
5&#65292;To keep your dolls in good condition, wipe it with a soft cloth after cleaning. Save the cloth for next time, and store your toy in a dry and ventilated place.

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