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advertise_for_free Muffler And Pipe Assembly by WALKER USA 56204
Posted on :  9 June 2023

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Price: $156.82    
  Ad Reference: FM12808836
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Muffler And Pipe Assembly by WALKER USA 56204

The muffler is part of the automotive exhaust system and has the important responsibility of muffling or tuning out loud engine combustion noises. As the engine reaches the exhaust stroke, pressurized exhaust gases leave the engine cylinder creating loud sound waves. These sound waves travel through the exhaust pipes where the noise gets amplified. The muffler is provided with perforated tubes that reduce the sound significantly.

Features & Benefits

100% corrosion resistant stainless steel construction that delivers longer life versus aluminized mufflers.
Its internal drainage system reduces moisture collection.
Direct-fit bolt-on replacement solution with OE-style hangers, brackets and pipe routings for easy installation.
It doesn't require specialized fabrication and/or welding.
Internal tubes are mechanically joined to the partition to allow expansion and contraction during temperature changes.
Spun-locked heads and OE-style spot welds provide structural stability and longer service life.
Acoustic and exhaust gas flow tested for quality and gives OE-style sound.
Designed for OE type sound and fit.
Spun-locked heads for a proper resistance to backfire.
For structural strength and longer life bridge construction and durable internal partitions are used.
For special sturdiness the inner shell and outer cover locks are installed 180 apart.
Interior spot welds are strong, and are of OE-style.
For quieter tone three-tube design is used.
OE-style louvered tube technology for a premium, factory-like sound.
OE-style domed heads provided for radiated noise decrease.
CRF (Continuous Roving Fiberglass) for OE-quality acoustic performance.
Drainage system inside muffler avoids condensate acids from accumulating between partitions or at the muffler heads.
Backed by a limited lifetime warranty and 90-day safe and sound guarantee.


Automotive Item Grade OEM Standard Part
Muffler Body Material Stainless Steel
Muffler Body Height 5.5
Part Number 56204
Muffler Outlet Connection Type Pipe Connection
Muffler Outlet Diameter Designation Outside Diameter
Muffler Shape Oval
Product Grade Economy
Muffler Inlet Diameter 1 2.25
Muffler Overall Length 61.35
Muffler Type Combination
Muffler Inlet Diameter Designation Inside Diameter
Muffler Outlet Count 1
Muffler Body Width 11
Muffler Outlet Configuration Offset
Muffler Inlet Configuration Offset
Muffler Inlet Count 1
Muffler Reversible No
Muffler Inlet Connection Type Pipe Connection
Fitment Direct OE Replacement
Muffler Body Length 23
Muffler Outlet Diameter 2.5


Walker Emissions Control is a world leader in replacement emission control components and systems, including complete cat-back exhaust systems, catalytic converters, pipes, mufflers, resonators, and related products for passenger car, SUVs and light truck, and medium - and heavy-duty commercial and specialty vehicle applications. They have more than 100 years of expertise in the replacement market for product quality, performance, fitment, coverage, technical training, business support and cataloguing excellence. Each day thousands of repair professionals choose Walker components for their precise, OE-style fit and exceptional durability and performance.

WALKER USA's Warranty

Gives you Limited lifetime warranty on Quiet Flow mufflers & assemblies, DynoMax Super Turbo/UltraFlow SS & Welded mufflers. No warranty on SoundFX Mufflers, Pipes & resonators. Catalytic converters with 25,000-mile of warranty. Warranty on catalytic performance with 5-year/50,000-mile structural integrity.

EastCan Auto Parts

EC Auto parts is a top-selling shop on eBay for the automotive aftermarket repair industry. We offer a wide selection of car parts for your exact year make and model. We make every effort to offer you a Five Star Service in every field of our business, which is why we are trusted by mechanics. We offer top-quality new, OEM and aftermarket automotive parts & accessories such as brakes, mufflers, filters, engine oils and more for sale. We have all the parts you need at discount prices.

EastCan Auto Parts is a Canadian startup founded by young immigrants with the support of industry experts. At EastCan Auto Parts we want to make the automobile world a happier place by offering a deep assortment of quality products such as replacement parts, equipment, tools etc. that our customers appreciate. We partner with Canadas top auto parts companies to provide you with the best.

We stand behind the Right to Repair movement, which is the idea that people and independent shops should have access to information, diagnostics, tools and parts necessary to undertake repairs at a reasonable cost. As the first steps in our endeavor to do so, weve started by providing price transparency and faster delivery of quality auto parts followed by super-awesome customer service.

Location: Canada
Member since: Jun 08, 2022
Seller: parts_80

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